Competition Law

Due to swift increases in commercial transactions and companies’ market behaviours leading to detrimental outcomes for consumers in recent years, states have begun to gradually intervene with trade activities adopted by companies in various sectors and markets. In Turkey, Turkish Competition Authority supervises companies operating in goods and services markets in terms of compliance with competition regulations and takes measures in several ways against companies’ market behaviours. Huge administrative fines may be in question as a result of such measures. Therefore, it is of great importance to receive assistance on legal consultancy and advocacy services in the field of competition law.

In this regard, we provide the legal support to our clients as provided below:

  • in scope of preventive services; preparation of regulatory competition compliance programs, implementation of competition law trainings, performance of tailor-made on-spot inspection simulations and preparation of risk analysis reports
  • in scope of consultancy services; providing legal opinion in relation to agreements such as goods and service procurement agreements, distribution agreements, sales contracts, agency, dealership, and franchising agreements; decisions, trade activities and other points that may be subject to competition regulations; negative clearance, exemption and M&A applications to Turkish Competition Authority
  • in scope of advocacy and defensive services; representation of companies during on-spot inspections carried out by Turkish Competition Authority experts, lodgement of statements and defences regarding information requests by Turkish Competition Authority in pre-investigation and investigation phases, representation of companies in oral hearing held before the Competition Board, initiation of litigation proceedings against the Board’s decisions and complaints to be lodged at Turkish Competition Authority